. . . reach for what’s good.

About Grano a Grano

• A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
• We built this house brick by brick.
• Bean by bean the sack fills.

They seem to all say the same thing. But the step is courage, the bricks are strategy and perseverance, and the beans are patience. “Grano a Grano”, or “Grape by Grape”, captures all of these and more. 

It’s every risk, failure, and triumph; every partner today and generation of winegrower past. And it’s everything we’ve learned along the way. Grape by grape we find and make wine that both showcases and transcends its place.

I love life

Don't think too much about it

We make Grano a Grano for those times you don’t want to have to think about it. You just need to reach for what’s good and count on it. You spend too much time thinking as it is. But each moment—working the job, keeping the house, shuttling the kids—all add up to your life. Grano a Grano represents the sum of those moments and reminds you to enjoy them. And even though we make the wine with a whole bunch (or a whole lot of bunches) of grapes at a time, without every berry, you wouldn’t have this moment to savour.

The Label

The label design was inspired by another work of art. Tuscany in Italy is rife with tiny villages, and in those villages are tiny restaurants, shops, and art galleries. One of these was selling this painting:

In conceiving the Grano label, we worked with an Argentinian design firm that took inspiration from this work and combined it with the style of Chile’s most famous contemporary artist, Bororo. In blending the two concepts, Grano a Grano was born.

Bill and Dory

Bill Grant is a Paso Robles wine genius who always finds creative ways to over-deliver on quality for the price. He is always a step ahead of wine lovers’ interests.

When the Grano a Grano idea was conceived, Bill called Dory, perhaps Paso’s greatest relationship builder and knower of all things grape growing. Her role is to find the best fruit from the best growers at the best price. And she’s the best at it. Grano a Grano is the culmination of Bill’s savvy and Dory’s skill.